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Question:  How do I book a comedian? Where do I begin?
Answer:  Comedian Bookings.com has been in the Talent booking business a long time. We have extensive knowledge of speakers and topics. Comedian Bookings.com will be with you the entire way. We will find out your precise needs and make sure it fits your budget. Using Comedian Bookings.com's expertise, you will get the very best comic or comedy show that fits your needs.

Question:  I didn't see the Comic I was looking for on the Web site. Can Comedian Bookings.com still help me get the entertainer I need?

Answer: Absolutely! Comedian Bookings.com can still help secure the comedian or celebrity you are looking for! Though our Web site is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, even Comedian Bookings.com can't possibly list EVERY one of the thousands of comedians, celebrities and sports figures that we have worked with over the years or have access to. Simply contact us, and Comedian Bookings.com can still help secure nearly any comedian you would like to have at your event.

Question: How much should I expect to spend on a Comedian?
Answer:  Comedian fees usually begin at $5,000. However, you must take into account the additional fee of traveling expenses/lodging. With that said, some of our Comedians command up to $100,000 or more for an appearance. Their fees are determined through an array of factors, such as: type of event (non-profit/corporate), travel, schedule of event (how many hours the appearance will be), availability and popularity at the time of the booking. The Comedian Bookings.com website Comedian fee quotes are a guideline of what to expect. The fees could be less, but are sometimes more. For the most accurate fee, please contact a Comedian Bookings.com representative.
Question: Will I pay more for using a Talent Booking Agency/Speaker Bureau?
Answer: Absolutely not. In fact, you will save precious time and money using Comedian Bookings.com. We have direct access to our comedians' personal representatives. Plus, you are free to use our expertise as you consult with us about your event, as we do hundreds of events every year.
Question: What if a Comedian works exclusively with an agent?
Answer: If a Comedian does work exclusively with an agent, Comedian Bookings.com will co-broker the deal with the comic's agency. This will not cost you anything additional, garaunteed. This is where Comedian Bookings.com can save you time and money, as we've worked with many exclusive comedians through the years.
Question:  What happens after we choose a Comic? What will Comedian Bookings.com do for me?
Answer: After the Comedian agrees to attend your event, a contract will be issued. A 50% deposit is required, with the balance due just prior to the event. The Comedian's expenses will be billed afterward. Throughout the entire process, Comedian Bookings.com will continue to communicate with you about your comic's appearance. We will work with you if any changes should arise. Comedian Bookings.com will handle ALL aspects of your comedian's appearance.

Question: Do we handle travel arrangements for the comic?
Answer: No, Comedian Bookings.com works with a travel agency to secure airfare and hotel for the comedian or celebrity talent. You are only responsible for ground transportation (to and from airport, to and from hotel to event).
Question: If a Comedian is local to the event location, does the fee differ?
Answer: Every comic is different, some work for a flat fee, others could give a discount of up to 20% if they are staying near home.
Question: Does the fee change if the event goes long?
Answer: In most cases, yes. Comedians or any type of professional speaker generally agree to a time limit prior to the event (1 hour, 2 hours, half day, full day, etc.). If the engagement runs long, most celebrities have their own set of guidelines as to what it will cost you.
Question: Can we record the Comedian’s performance through audio or video?
Answer: Some Comedians have no problem whatsoever. Other comics prohibit recordings, and some will allow it, but will charge an extra fee. It is extremely important to make all your wishes known prior to contract so we can include it in writing.
Question: Will my Comedian attend a VIP event either before or after the program?
Answer: Most will. Others charge an additional fee. Again, make sure to have this included in the contract, so there is no confusion the evening of your event.
Question: What happens if my Comedian has to cancel due to an emergency?
Answer: Comedian Bookings.com will handle everything should an emergency arise. Should your comic have to back out last minute, we will do our best to get another comedian to your event. Once you book through Comedian Bookings.com, you will not need to worry about a thing.
Question: Where can I get books, audio/video recordings of my Comedian?
Answer: Comedian Bookings.com can usually get you in touch with the publisher directly. In most cases, especially if you order in bulk, Comedian Bookings.com will be able to get you a discount.

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